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Urban Moves strives in providing only relevant and trustworthy information to UK citizens about how to enjoy all things dancing. Due to dancing being a great way to exercise and relax there is a wide focus on our topics to discuss the benefits of taking up dancing lessons.

Dancing has been a major activity in the UK for years. Statistics have proven that over 22% of the UK population attend Ballet dance performances each year. Dance and ballet performances make up a considerable part of the country’s theatre activities.

Dancing is not only a great opportunity for anybody with a love or interest in dancing to take it up as evening or full-time classes but also proves to be a great career option in the UK.

Choreography provides great employment opportunities with over 18 900 people being employed as dancers and choreographers in the UK which is a 4 000 increase in numbers since 20010.

Due to the popularity of dancing and choreography, there are many workshops and classes to attend for people of all ages. Whether wanting to take it up professionally or to use it as a hobby there are many options to consider for anybody with a love for dancing.

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