Choreographers are dance instructors who combine individual dance steps and styles into artistic performances with music. To be an accomplished choreographer an individual will need to study various forms of dancing.

By knowing various styles of dancing, they will be able to incorporate their artistic feel into each dance without relying too much on free dancing.

A choreographer will need to choose individual dancers for each product and be able to know which dancers will fit in well with the particular choreography they have in mind for the production. Other duties would include having their opinion on the costumes, set design, lighting, and the music to be used in the production.

As in many cases of the arts, choreographers can work by themselves or they can work exclusively for dance companies providing choreography services through the company. By being a self-employed choreographer, a person would need to be able to find work, market themselves, and build their careers.

Starting as a self-employed choreographer may be a bit unstable as work opportunities may fluctuate from time to time. Starting by finding a choreography job will be able to provide substantial experience and a way to see the inner workings of how the larger companies work.

Choreographers usually travel for a large portion of the year which provides a great way to see the world as they move with the dance company. As with most entertainment and art teaching jobs, choreography takes many hours each day due to rehearsals taking place during the day and the performances at night.

To choose choreography as a career and to study it professionally, certain requirements will need to be met. Some requirements include a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree in performing arts. Having a bachelor’s degree can provide a choreographer to receive more work and easier employment.

Choreography is not something that relies on experience through work but rather through experience in dancing as an art form. Most choreographers are used to dancing hours on hours each day providing them with sufficient experience in dancing.

Although experience and degrees are vital towards taking up choreography as a career there are much more to it than paperwork and physical experience.

Some of the skills which are vital to being able to do good choreography include a creative mind, being a good leader and working in a team, and being physically fit with a good balance.

The UK has many renowned dancing schools to join and learn more about dancing and choreography.

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