Joining a dance school can provide any individual with a great experience and they may develop a new love for dancing. The UK has dance schools that are renowned for offering great advice and lessons in dancing to individuals of all ages.

This article provides a wide focus on some of the most renowned dance schools to join in the UK and what they offer to aspiring dancers.

Dance Attic – Fulham, London

The dance attic is known to be a school for people with a previous love for dancing. By joining the Dance Attic any individual can rediscover their love for ballet or tap dancing. They offer classes for people to learn their previously loved dances as well as to improve on fitness and flexibility with yoga.

They offer Jam Café Swing workshops that offer two hours of learning swing followed by a session to try it out with music.

Royal Academy of Dance – Battersea, London

The Royal Academy of Dance has a wide focus on teaching professional Ballet and stands as one of the world’s most influential dance and training organizations. Their global headquarters are in London and they believe everyone can join their school to have the opportunity of learning to dance.

The school was established in 1920 by dancing professionals and currently has over 1000 students studying dancing full-time or part-time.

Dance East – Ipswich

Dance East provides one of the largest categories of dancing styles. Some of the styles include contemporary, tap, jazz, and hip hop. By joining this school, a person will find the teachers and other students to be very helpful and friendly.

They have a wide focus on fitness with dancing by also providing yoga and Pilates’s sessions. Some of the fun activities to take part in include Egyptian belly dancing or learning a routine inspired by a musical.

Dance City – New Castle Upon Tyne

For the past 30 years, Dance City has been inspiring people to form the North East to take up dancing. One thing that makes them stand out is all the activities and events they organize for their members.

Some of the dance styles they teach include ballet, Bollywood, breakdancing, ballroom, flamenco, belly dancing, jazz, and more.

Urdang Academy – London

Urdang Academy in London is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Finsbury Town Hall. They offer evening classes which makes it easy for day working people to take up a variety of dance style lessons.

They have a great reputation for their full-time students to graduate and work in the West End. Take up evening classes or enrol full-time with their Musical Theatre summer school.

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