Dancing is taken up by many people for a variety of reasons including to build confidence, as a hobby, to become more active, and much more.

By taking up dance lessons a person will immediately start noticing all the benefits that come with taking up dancing. Some dance styles will be better to learn for certain people.

This article will provide detailed information on different styles of dancing taught by dancing schools and how to choose the right style for each person.


Ballroom dancing is not just a great dance but a great way to exercise. This style of dance is mostly best for people who already have good balance and a few footwork skills.

Ballroom dancing includes tango and waltz which possesses a lot of footwork and balance, but they provide any person with great posture, flexibility, and teamwork skills. Ballroom dancing also acts as a great social activity for couples as well as individuals.

Latin Style

Latin dance is one of the most exciting forms of dancing and is also easy to learn. It’s a highly energetic and fluid dance with circular patterns of movement, hip-swaying, and spinning.

Learning to do Latin dance perfectly well will take up to 4 months to learn which is not a long period for such a fascinating dance style. If a person has energy and they are quick on their feet this style of dance is a perfect choice.


Another high-energy dance is perfect for athletes and people with high energy levels. Jazz dancing incorporates many different styles of music of which is mainly jazz.

Some of the performance skills required to do jazz dancing are expression, musicality, communication, focus, and timing. This is a dance where a lot of practice should be taking place and can take a bit longer to learn than with Latin dance.

Contemporary and Modern Dancing

Contemporary/Modern dancing is a slower-paced dance perfect for beginners to get a feel for dancing. It can be explained as being very casual but incorporates choreography which requires focus. It is inspired by a variety of traditional movements and art with a focus on being gentle on the human body.

With each level of this style of dancing, it becomes a bit tougher which requires a lot of patience.

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